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  • The Real World (TRW) is a worldwide community of over 150k+ active members learning from a select network of experts in personal finance, freelancing, crypto, investing, and ecommerce. Founded in 2021 by Andrew 'Cobra' Tate (as HU 2.0), we grow stronger every day while traditional education becomes less and less relevant.







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    There's a burning problem with your degree and traditional education:


    You've spent hours and hours sitting in lectures and studying...


    But then what?


    You graduate and if you're lucky land a 9-5 job.


    But we all know we live in unusual times.


    The world is rapidly changing.


    It is actively hostile to freedom.


    We can all feel it.


    Everyone is walking on eggshells.


    The wrong comment or opinion is enough to ruin you now.


    So it is nowhere near enough to be fixed in one location, completely reliant on a 9-5.


    You need to be able to earn from anywhere in the world with Internet.


    You need to become 'matrix independent'.


    So how do you actually apply your academic knowledge?


    How do you actually make money online?


    These are the questions traditional education fails to answer and exactly why we created The Real World.


    Welcome to the world's largest and most supportive community of people highly focused on becoming financially free.


    Think of TRW as a new degree in modern wealth creation across these key areas:


    - Freelancing

    - Crypto & NFTs

    - Personal Finance

    - Stocks

    - Copywriting

    - Amazon FBA

    - E-commerce


    Each taught on on a self-hosted platform with lessons, videos and accountability by expert 'Professors' with proven money-making credentials.


    Imagine having this team and resources all backing you. All sharing ideas, tips, and actionable information. Wanting you to win.


    There are now 150k+ members in TRW.


    So it is literally impossible to replicate this community by yourself.


    Will you join us?

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    The Old World



    You graduate in debt, without a job, and lacking useful money-making skills



    The Real World



    You constantly learn from successful peers and spiral upwards

  • Who Is TRW For?

    'A new style of individual able to earn money and work from anywhere in the world'


      • Take years
      • You write long essays
      • You get lectured at by wage slaves
      • Cost you literally $10,000s upfront
      • Completely outdated curriculums
      • Taught by 'intellectuals' with no biz experience
      • Give you a paper degree
      • Alumni community are mostly dweebs
      • Completely centralised
      • You graduate in debt with no job


      • Action your ideas immediately
      • You learn valuable money-making skills
      • Totally affordable monthly fee
      • Online lessons, videos and guides
      • Professors have real-world credentials
      • Active server you take part in
      • Be part of a friendly global community
      • Untether yourself from any one location
      • Continuously updated information
      • Share wins and accountability
    • TRW Curriculum

      wActive communities lead by accomplished individuals


      Personal Finance






      Freelancing & Copy


      Amazon FBA



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    • What is TRW? Where are you based?

      TRW is a matrix independent platform with experts helping you make money online. You can access TRW from anywhere in the world with internet.

      Who is is Andrew Tate?

      Andrew Tate is a one of a kind individual. If you know, you know. We don't need to sell you on this because there is only one Andrew Tate.

      Who are the professors?

      Expert sovereign individuals hand-picked by Andrew Tate. Each Professor is making anywhere from 10k to 500k a month in their select field. There are here to help share their expertise to take you from zero to regular cash in. You have direct access to their guidance.

      What are your fees?

      We charge a monthly fee of $49. Once we reach 250k+ members this will likely rise to $99. You are locked-in at the rate you join. The earlier you join the more you save. There are already over 150k+ members, so make your move today.

      Where are your students from?

      People join TRW from all around the world. We have students of all ages and experiences. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.

      Is this a good fit for me?

      TRW was founded to make it easy for students to get started. If you are motivated and trying to improve your station in life you will meet literally hundreds and hundreds of likeminded students here. The Professors are here to help every step of the way.

      What if I don't like it?

      There is no contract and no risk. You can cancel your membership at any time and after one month is up, that's it. There is no risk to you.

      Who isn't this for?

      We exist only to help you make money. This is our singular focus. TRW is not a group for idle chatter, politics, or drama. There are no complainers or time-wasters.

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